Exotic Oils


 Fragrance Blend Oils
Fragrance oils are comprised of various synthetic and natural scent components. They include top, middle and bottom notes. Fragrance oils are beautiful on their own, but can increase in complexity when mixed with other scents.
Exotic oils:

 Something so unusual that it must be from some unfamiliar place is exotic.  Being or relating to an option with features that make it more complex than commonly traded options. 

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Remember our fragrances are oils and not original perfumes or colognes.

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#16 Blue Sonata 

#29 Cush Sudanese

#55 Musk Male

#56 Musk Egyptian

#57 Musk Floral

#58 Musk Siberian

#79 Sandalwood Supreme

#96 Musk White

#97 Musk Pearl

#84 Tropical Rain

#86 Tunisian Night

#92 Blue Nile

#91 Nag Champa

#95 Prada Candy

#94 Jimmy Choo

#93 Oud

#65 Oriental Bouquet

#74 Rose Somalian