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Naturally Synthesized Fragrance Oils

Our Plant-Based Fragrance Oils are suitable for use in personal care and home fragrance applications where cost-effective fragrance is required and artifical ingredients are not desired. We do not, however, recommend these oils for use in aromatherapy applications and formulations. For those that desire to manufacture products that are more closely suited for holistic applications including aromatherapy, we strongly recommend that you work with our line of pure Essential Oils,

Essential oils and natural aromatic isolates are highly concentrated aroma chemicals. Therefore, our Plant-Based Fragrance Oils are not necessarily milder, safer or less allergenic than synthetic fragrances or essential oils. All fragrance oils and essential oils should be properly diluted (PH balanced) before use. 

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African Violet


 It is only a small percentage of the plant (Viola odorata) that ends up being used in aromatherapy and finds its way into essential oil bottles. The essential oil is extracted from either the flower and/or the leaf by means of solvent extraction. Typically, it is the intense green violet leaf which is most commonly available in aromatherapy with violet flower essential oil being extremely hard to come by. The yield is incredibly low with some 1000 kilograms of violet leaves yielding only a kilogram of concrete residue. The pure extract is also called violet leaf absolute. The violet leaf absolute is an expensive oil—typically sold in smaller sizes as well lower purity (ie 10%) products in order to make it affordable. 



 Although typically the essential oil is not entirely composed of amber resin, it does not mean that the blend is ineffective and amber essential oil blends are said to have a calming effect on the mind as well as other healing properties. Amber offers a delightful aromatic addition to the essential oil blend; its delightful scent can uplift the mind and spirits and is even said to promote libido. 



 Ambergris has long been used in perfumery, but it has two disadvantages – first its rarity means it is extremely expensive – second each piece has its own unique smell with a wide variation. As a result modern perfumes are virtually all made using one or more substitutes to achieve the effects associated with ambergris  

Apple Blossom


 Apple Blossom Oil draws upon the same serenity one experiences when witnessing an orchard in full bloom, with fragrant blossoms stirring with every wisp of wind. In ritual or spells, one can find it greatly useful in trying to create peace of mind and draw happiness into your life. Standing alone or used in ritual, our Apple Blossom oil can also be used to craft a general sense of contentment. Representative of the astrological signs of Virgo and Cancer 



 Get to Know Balsam Flowers: As expected for an old-fashioned favorite, Impatiens balsamina goes by several charming nicknames, including touch-me-not, jumping Betty, lady’s slipper. Lady’s Slipper helps the soul to incorporate its spirituality more completely into the body. It especially balances the relationship between the crown chakra and the lower energy centers. 



 Carnation essential oils are credited with providing many therapeutic benefits to the individual. These benefits include an anti-inflammatory effect, helping with hair loss, act as a muscle relaxant, and aid in the treatment of excess gas. 

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 This is a Coconut Fragrance Body Oil. Experience the tropics with refreshing coconut aroma.  



 This exquisite oil is specifically designed for use in cosmetics and is perfect for adding personalized scents to soaps, candles, lotions, creams, hair-care products, and body care products. Synthetically compounded from aroma chemicals, this scent is rich, complex, and long-lasting. 

 Antioxidant: Gardenia essential oil is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants are chemicals that inhibit the formation of free-radicals and reduce oxidative stress. They can also help you reduce the risk of contracting cancer and purge damage-inducing toxins from the body. 



Herbal perfumed oil is a design of aroma compounds from natural sources, Scents that can transform your Mood and Productivity.  This scent promotes concentration and has calming and clarifying properties that are helpful when you're feeling angry, anxious or run down. 



 Some of the top benefits of honeysuckle essential oil include its ability to soothe headaches, balance blood sugar levels, detoxify the body, reduce inflammation, protect the skin and boost hair strength, as well as itsuses as a room cleaner, aromatherapy oil and cosmetic product ingredient. 



  Jasmine Fragrance Oil A heavy white floral that’s not overpowering. A bright oriental feel to it, rather mysterious. This is very popular in many perfume blends.  

Jasmine oil, a type of essential oil derived from the jasmine flower, is a popular natural remedy for improving mood, overcoming stress and balancing hormones. Jasmine oil has been used for hundreds of years in parts of Asia as a natural remedy for depression, anxiety, emotional stress, low libido and insomnia. 



 The proven health benefits of lavender essential oil include its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, eliminate nervous tension, relieve pain, disinfect the scalp and skin, prevent acne, enhance blood circulation, and treat respiratory problems. 

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 Lilac essential oil has been praised for its many health benefits.  It's said to ward off symptoms of depression and anxiety, Its soothing fragrance takes the mind to a relaxed state. For helping reduce the signs of aging to easing digestive disorders, the essential oil can definitely come in handy. 



 Be reminded of the sensation of spring with Lily Fragrant Oil! Sophisticated and delicate, this oil has floral heart notes that are elegantly organized in this lovely fragrant affair. Promotes Skin Health. Lily flower essential oil is also normally used in cosmetic products because it is great for your skin too! The oil contains potent moisturizing and soothing properties which helps to prevent dry skin and skin cracks. 

Lotus Blossom


 Lotus Blossom is rich concentrated essential oil compound that when properly balanced brings a cooling and refreshing feel to skin while smoothing and improving texture. The aromatic intensity of this fragrance can be over whelming, its value is realized in small amounts. A little "dab-a-do-you"!



 It has rich floral & green aroma and used in high-class perfumes. It has a rich floral and green aroma. ... This oil as an aphrodisiac and a cure for baldness, Used in high-class perfumery. The soothing and stimulating effect of Narcissus Absolute Oilreduces spasms of digestive, respiratory and nervous systems. 



 Pineapple oil is not completely natural, meaning it's not a true essential oil.  It is more a fragrance oil. Pineapple oil is used to add a fruity scent to perfumes and personal care products. This is a Pineapple Perfumed Oil that is designed to enhance sensations of relaxed enjoyment and tropical visions.



 When applied directly to the skin, skin care products containing rose essential oil are purported to hydrate dry skin, clear acne, reduce signs of aging, minimize the appearance of scars, and help with conditions such as eczema and rosacea. .

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Sandalwood Deluxe


 Sandalwood Essential Oil Benefits. Mental clarity. One of the primary sandalwood benefits is that it promotes mental clarity when used in aromatherapy or as a fragrance. Relaxing and calming. Natural aphrodisiac. Astringent. Anti-viral and antiseptic. Anti-inflammatory. Expectorant. Anti-aging. Sandalwood Deluxe perfumed oil is a delicate balance of the pure natural essential with a pure natural carrier oil.




Essential Oils are extracted through a distillation method from the essence of the plant. Because the essence cannot actually be extracted from strawberries through this process, there is actually no such thing as a Strawberry Essential Oil, but the closest thing available is a Strawberry Fragrance Oil. As a fragrance oil, Strawberry Oil doesn’t have any true health benefits that are effectively able to improve the health of the body. It should not be confused with therapeutic essential oils. The scent, however, is reminiscent of a summer breeze and gives a lift to the spirit. 



 Wisteria Fragrance Oil is a floral scent.  This flower aroma is a perfect scent for soaps, lotions, scrubs, candles, and so much more and   is a wonderful floral aroma that smell like real wisteria


The Benefits of Synthetic Perfumes

Synthetic perfumes last longer than natural fragrances, which fade quickly because they lack the non-synthetic fixatives, which stabilize a scent’s vitality and help to release a scent slowly over a period of time. This renders any fragrance richer and denser than any natural aroma could ever hope to be. In addition, the roster of natural ingredients is limited to florals, botanicals or musks, while synthetic scents can be blended with essential oils to create countless variations. Practically speaking, dozens of compounds comprise natural ascents, which a laboratory can create with just a single molecule.